Tsai lab webinar at Mass Down Syndrome Congress

3 members of ADSC to give webinar for virtual Annual Conference
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Translating Down Syndrome Neuroscience Research

Tuesday, July 28, 2020 10-11am EST

As people with Down syndrome age, the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease (AD) increases significantly. The Tsai Lab discovered that by boosting gamma power, we could reverse AD related pathology and improve memory in mouse models of AD & DS. We developed a device that boosts gamma power in people using light and sound to improve memory in AD patients and individuals with Ds. In addition, the lab is using human pluripotent stem cells to generate the different types of cells in the brain, to study the mechanisms of how Trisomy 21 has such a large impact on brain function.

This webinar will not be recorded, so please plan to join live.

Diane Chan, MD PhD, Neurologist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Massachusetts General Hospital; Brennan Jackson, BS, Doctoral Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Hiruy Meharena, PhD, Alana Senior Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


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