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About Down Syndrome

In 1958, following advances in genetic research, the British scientist Pat Jacobs and French scientist Jérôme Lejeune discovered the syndrome’s chromosomal cause. This is when DS started being recognized as…

Volunteer for Research

Research Study Volunteers Needed! How the brain responds to light and sound stimulation in individuals with Down syndrome IRB #1908962521 Criteria for Participation: • Be between the ages of 25-65….

About the Center

The Alana Down Syndrome Center aims to deepen knowledge about Down syndrome and to improve health, autonomy and inclusion of people with this genetic condition. The ADSC is multi-disciplinary, spanning…

MIT & Alana Statement

The progress achieved over the past few decades has been astounding. For example, we have developed artificial intelligence and created sustainable and efficient energy alternatives. We have also taken significant…

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